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Goodbye legend: tourists are expelled from the Spanish Steps in Rome
The Italian authorities did not deny themselves the pleasure of arranging a demonstration flogging for eminent newlyweds. They really were guilty, because during a visit to the famous Blue Grotto…

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Holidays in Egypt
Flora and fauna From what grows and moves on earth, the following were noted: of course, dromedaries are one-humped camels (which have delicate and silky lips, as the women at…

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In the midst of the swimming season
Too bright, scary shots of the victims were published in local media, and rescue services are in no hurry to lower the alarming red flags. In Andalusia, a tailwind from…

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Traveling like psychotherapy

Eh, a brilliant fable was composed by Ivan Krylov: “… The swan breaks into the clouds, Cancer backs away, and the Pike pulls into the water …”. It reflects various situations, the explanation of which is the same – you cannot trample against your nature. And how relevant it is in our favorite theme of travel, outdoor recreation, especially in terms of psychotherapy with the help of nature! But what is the treatment without prior analysis?

The classic approach is: determine the type of temperament – you will understand where it is better to go. Continue reading

Traveling with children: 8 proven tips

Traveling with children is a little scary – it doesn’t matter if you are traveling for the first time or for the tenth. Each time there is excitement and fear of missing something. The following tips will help prepare for an unforgettable family vacation, they are tested on personal experience and help to avoid stress before the trip. Some items relate to toddlers, and some to older children.

1. Choose a vacation option
Perhaps you want to spend a week on the beach and enjoy the sea in plenty? Or maybe you want to see a new city? Continue reading

Ukrainian soul of ecotourism

Curiously, there is still no clear definition of what ecological tourism is. Taking the opportunity, some tourism organizations speculate in such a trendy direction, calling ecotours that they are not and fundamentally contradicts the basic concept of eco-culture. Therefore, to begin with, let’s dot the “i” – go over the types and principles of green travel:

Traveling without harming the environment:

1. On eco-transport (bicycle, electric car, horse):

produce a minimum of garbage, sort and throw it into the advising tanks; Continue reading

Usefully travel: to places of nature forces of Ukraine

At least once, did you feel like you were in God’s bosom? For no apparent reason, an all-encompassing sense of complete security, serenity, tranquility, peace and great inner happiness? As if melted and merged with the outside world? It seems that nothing happened, has not changed, and the pulse quickens, the face breaks into a smile … If so – remember when and where it was – you may have found a place of energy power!

If such experiences did not happen or arose, but are associated with other obvious reasons – also good. Continue reading

The gene of adventure: who to travel and who to be difficult to climb

“A man, like a tree, is from here and nowhere else,” sang the wise Boris Grebenshchikov.

“The people created an exact and figurative word, and gave it a well-aimed figurative meaning:“ tumbleweed ”is an unserviceable, restless person, unable to find a refuge anywhere, an eternal wanderer,” said the scientist and writer Eduard Vartanyan.

Such types of people often oppose each other, do not understand each other, cannot find a common language and compromise … Continue reading

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Ushuaia. How not to miss the end of the world?
They spoke about the North and East quite often then. Siberia, Komsomol construction sites. Other edges of the earth were less obvious. The school taught about the westernmost point of…


Old tourist centers pray to drive tourists away
Not only the historical and cultural center, but the whole village itself can disappear. Since the heyday of mass tourism in the 50s. of the last century, the population of…


What to take on a trip
Each trip can become stressful before it starts. And in order to avoid this, you should think ahead of time what to take with you and start the training camp.…


What tourists should not do in Israel
Israel is a free country. You will be convinced of this after you pass strict passport control at the airport and find yourself in crazy Tel Aviv, where homosexual couples…