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Sensory Hunger Prevention: Exotic Travel
Imagine your receptors at once ceased to perceive surrounding "irritants". Favorite morning coffee! Hmm, the beckoning aroma and sweet-bitter taste disappeared, the fingers do not feel the hardness and warmth…

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Where to go on vacation with children in summer and autumn? Croatia, Mlini
Together with the children you can go on a boat trip to the islands, to a fish picnic and, of course, to sail along the sea to the historic Dubrovnik,…

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Top 10 most interesting sights of Armenia and Artsakh
Armenia is a country of many historical, architectural and natural attractions. To visit all of them, one trip will certainly not be enough. We tried to highlight the top 10…

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Free traveler. How to relax alone?

It often happens that friends don’t want to go where you want. The second half is constantly working or not at all. I don’t feel like with my parents, and I don’t have only one traveler in the family. And so it turns out that you are faced with a choice: either go alone, or join the company of unfamiliar people from work. There is another third option – to wait for the next vacation and hope that by this time there is a company.

What to do? First, sweep away the third option right away. There is no point in wasting time in the city. In any case – you need to go to rest. And away to get impressions, get to know something new, interesting and, of course, take away with you a fraction of the energy from the sea. It remains to choose between the option of a little-known company and travel alone. And here is what I will tell you from my personal experience: it is better to go alone than with anyone. Continue reading

Extinction in thailand

Although no, I guess what bait was put on the hook, which, in the end, the fisherman himself caught. Varya was not indifferent to jewelry trinkets. In fact, I despise such women: magpies, and more! But Varin’s interest in gold, silver and precious stones did not even surprise me. Queen! How else? I think that Vitusik knew better than I was about Varia’s weakness for gold and precious stones and seduced her with stories about the amazing cheapness of rubies and sapphires in northern Thailand, on the border with Burma. In Burma, in fact, the world’s best deposits of these gems.

The current name of the country, Myanmar, comes from a local word meaning “emerald.” And since in this Burma-Myanmar for almost thirty years there has been a permanent war for a bright and democratic future, a war in which a person’s life is not valued penniless, you won’t find any kind of trinkets there either. Continue reading

Where to go in May? To the Voronezh region!

Everyone knows about this area – someone drove it on the way to the Black Sea resorts and admired the beautiful Don from the window of a train or car, someone rested in the local ones – very decent! – boarding houses and sanatoriums, many have relatives living there, supplying wonderful sunflower oil and lard, and someone has already traveled through this wonderful land and knows firsthand about its protected corners.

So those who have already been to the Black Earth region in Voronezh will definitely return there again and again in order to … … Continue reading

Where to go for unknown exotic?

Of course, you can go there in a dream. And it will be completely safe. But in terms of a real visit there will be very great difficulties. According to the latest data, travel agencies organizing trips wishing to visit exotic places on the planet “covered” with their influence only 5% of the total area of ​​the Earth. And these are tours to countries with well-established travel services. Almost all of South America (with the exception of certain small areas of Brazil and Peru) is completely unknown to tourists. None of the companies would like to organize a tourist trip to the Amazon basin even for very wealthy customers.

The reason is the very high risk and reluctance of insurers to lose funds on payments in case of emergency. A state of emergency there can be very easy, since Amazonia is teeming with snakes, toothy piranhas, electric fish and wild predatory animals. In humid climates it is easy to catch contagious diseases, completely unknown in the civilized world. Amazon Jungle However, a little pleasant and with a visit to Africa. There are also enough circumstances for an emergency. Continue reading

What is interesting in Uzbekistan? Samarkand

Samarkand is first of all something very ancient, 2500 years or more. Someone heard, someone saw, someone even knows his story. Well, at least approximately. I would venture to suggest that the standard chronological series of the average educated person looks something like this: Sogdiana, Marakanda, Afrosiab, Tamerlan, Registan, Turkestan. Samarkand, Registan Square, Sher-Dor Madrasah in our time Photo: Vladimir Prokofiev, personal archive of the Word-symbols, and each of them – hundreds of years of history. Including Russian. They know especially about Tamerlan, since at one time he did not quite get to Moscow.

Lucky! Already very “cool” he was a warrior, and his troops are used to destroying everything that moves. The Russian enlightened public first learned about Samarkand at the exhibitions of the artist Vasily Vereshchagin in 1874. Continue reading

Traveling as a way to get rid of phobias and fears
Look at the tiger in the cage. Do you think he lives well? They feed him, take care of him, treat him, protect him ... But we sympathize with the…


Goodbye legend: tourists are expelled from the Spanish Steps in Rome
The Italian authorities did not deny themselves the pleasure of arranging a demonstration flogging for eminent newlyweds. They really were guilty, because during a visit to the famous Blue Grotto…


What tourists should not do in Israel
Israel is a free country. You will be convinced of this after you pass strict passport control at the airport and find yourself in crazy Tel Aviv, where homosexual couples…


Extinction in thailand
Although no, I guess what bait was put on the hook, which, in the end, the fisherman himself caught. Varya was not indifferent to jewelry trinkets. In fact, I despise…