Holidays in Egypt
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Sensory Hunger Prevention: Exotic Travel
Imagine your receptors at once ceased to perceive surrounding "irritants". Favorite morning coffee! Hmm, the beckoning aroma and sweet-bitter taste disappeared, the fingers do not feel the hardness and warmth…

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Sensory Hunger Prevention: Exotic Travel

Imagine your receptors at once ceased to perceive surrounding “irritants”. Favorite morning coffee! Hmm, the beckoning aroma and sweet-bitter taste disappeared, the fingers do not feel the hardness and warmth of the cup, and the light is dim and no sounds are heard … Is it terrible? Not that word!

Even if the sensitivity of the sensory organs does not disappear, but becomes dulled, life turns gray, ceases to please and leads to apathy, soreness … For a long time, sensory starvation drove people to madness and serious health problems. This indicates not so much the harm of deprivation, but the huge need for sensory enrichment. The best prevention is a journey for aesthetic healing and more.We offer to feed the brain of an adult and a child with a complex of sensations: learning new countries, cultures, elements and exotic gifts of nature!

A wealth of sensations – fuel for the “instinct of life”
Why is a well-fed master dog fighting with a mongrel for rotten fish? Why does the rat bring itself to exhaustion by continuously pressing the lever, which activates the “pleasure” zone through the electrode implanted into the brain. Why does a duck run up to a sleeping dog, pinch it on the side and run away? Why would a man, having tied a rope to his legs, beep from the bridge? Answer: sensations!

Strong feelings shout to the brain: “I – live! Feel ?! ”they prevent sensory hunger, fuel the so-called instinct of life. What for? For development, for health, for evolution. If people didn’t have a need for new emotions, no one would build and destroy anything, study or invent … Therefore, internal programs dictate: “Feel more! Where is the aesthetics of travel and the storm of emotions? Search for new sensations! Develop your senses, give your senses more irritants! Go camping, go in for extreme sports, eat these soft French buns … ”

So, the more we feel and feel, the fuller the life. It will be something to tell grandchildren in old age and remember on their deathbed with a smile. The scientist Ilya Mechnikov noted that the “instinct of life” changes with age. In children, it only sways, and reaches a peak when a person is in his prime, when physical and intellectual health allows you to make the maximum of transformations. If life is saturated, then in old age the “instinct of life” is replaced by the “instinct of death” – a person has a feeling of “satiety” and a willingness to calmly move into another world.

Another scientist, Ivan Pavlov, regarded the “instinct of life” as a complex of reflexes. No wonder right ?! The most powerful and therefore the main scientist identified food and research reflexes. Remember: food and research.

Sensory enrichment while traveling
On closer inspection, wandering is a complex sensory development. As stated in the teachings of Plato, knowledge is on a sensually perceived level. The case when both the goal and the path to it are important provide fresh food for all the senses. Unprecedented landscapes open up, new aromas and tastes appear, auditory perception is more sensitive, the body perceives touches in a new way … Therefore, tons of other people’s photos, hundreds of hours of travel videos or exotic fruit ordered via the Internet will not excite that gamut of feelings that rages on the trip!

Hmm, if it is a matter of diversity and richness of sensations, then why go far behind them? They can be compensated by drugs, for example, or spiritual practices. Partly, yes, so there are so many of their adherents. But! Narcotic substances are a dead end branch, and the development of spirituality is far from everyone’s teeth … So: go!

Food tourism: go for taste!
Delicacies to go on a trip:

Brazil. The fruit of Jaboticaba. The heady aroma, unearthly sweet taste of berries is worthy of traveling across half the planet. Here, taste the fruits and core of the acai palm. They also say that sweet tooth will be given to the soul for dessert Churros recheados.
Iceland. Dish Hákarl. Only here they prepare such a specific shark jerky. This is where you will definitely experience mixed feelings from the pungent smell and wonderful taste. In this cold country there are enough unusual fish and meat dishes – new sensations are guaranteed, but not the fact that they are pleasant.
Japan. Roman ruby ​​grapes (Ishikawa), watermelon dense (Hokkaido), and … ice cream. In addition to the unique fruits that grow only in the above regions, the country of samurai will change the idea of ​​ice cream. The taste of eel and wasabi, green tea, black sesame, sweet potatoes, sakura flowers, basash (horsemeat sashimi) – well, where else will you try this ?! Surprise yourself and the baby.
Denmark. Gammel Dansk drink – a bouquet of 29 herbs, spices and fruits, infused with alcohol. The strength of the drink is 38 degrees, and served warm. You will find authentic tincture only in Denmark.
Thailand. Fruits durian, tamarind, sapodilla, longan and herring. Their appearance, smell and taste evoke mixed feelings, but no one will remain indifferent.

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