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Traveling as a way to get rid of phobias and fears

Look at the tiger in the cage. Do you think he lives well? They feed him, take care of him, treat him, protect him … But we sympathize with the tiger, and do not envy, do not want to be in its place. After all, the animal is limited to rods that do not allow to live fully, to learn, to choose, to develop … Various fears are the same cage for us, but often we prefer to remain locked up, although we ourselves are able to open the lock and go free. And the key can be … a journey!

People prefer the “cage” of fears because, although it restricts, it protects. Plus the ubiquitous laziness.But now it’s not about her. And about why you need and, in fact, how to overcome fear and anxiety in yourself – shake it off.

Execution cannot be pardoned
A person is driven and controlled by two motivators. The first is fear (we will consider the second later). Please note that we often mistakenly call it a “phobia”. A phobia is a disease when a person does not know how to get rid of a feeling of inexplicable fear (height, darkness, death, loneliness), cannot control him, falling into a panic or stupor. In this case, individual professional treatment is necessary. In the context of this article, we will not talk about phobias – this is not in our competence.

To be afraid (in moderation) is useful, because this feeling warns against threats, dangers, and rash acts. It is generated by both a lack of understanding of what to expect and drawing hundreds of negative scenarios. This is a natural reaction necessary for the survival of our physical body. Moreover, a person driven by fear, comes up with ways to avoid a source of danger, or to find protection mechanisms.

But even with “inventions”, a person remains in the “cage”. How is this harmful? Often we hide from what only seems to be dangerous. We lose the opportunity to travel, learn new pleasures, development paths, ourselves and the world, lose our emotions and sensations, and harm physical and mental health.

Excessive fear makes it difficult to focus on options for solving the problem and focuses on possible negative consequences. Often he grows into a phobia. So, a person destroys himself … but could become his own savior.

The solution is on the surface
Where is the “key” from the “cell”? In the second motivator – a feeling of love. Fear and love – like yin and yang – are simultaneously opposed to each other, and complement each other. The first is aimed at protecting the physical body, the second – protects mental health, improves the quality of life.

The feeling of falling in love, love is a force that can overcome fears and phobias. Stimulates a step into the unknown, pushes to explore, create, improve. Love (for a person, nature, beauty, creativity, money) motivates traveling because, when learning new things, we feel alive and happy.

Choose a trip where there is an object of fear (height, darkness, tightness) that you need to overcome in order to achieve a dream (to conquer a mountain, see the light of plankton, take a ride in the elevator of the Eiffel Tower). Embark on a journey by focusing your attention not on fears of darkness, heights or water, but on a dream, goal, desire.

Comment of a psychologist, Alexander Menshikov:

“Traveling is a way to expand your map of reality, knowledge about life, ideas about right and wrong. When a person knows himself and the world, fears begin to subside. After all, they arise from ignorance, from frightening suspense. You can overcome it on a journey by observing nature, how different people live, getting more information and experience. ”

How to overcome your fear – practical tips
And if the effort of will is not enough? In this case, psychologists advise not to look for the “key”, but to grind it yourself:

The first step is the recognition of your “cell”, the recognition that it interferes, and the desire to get rid of it
The second is to understand that the fear of any phenomenon, object, creature has one root – the fear of death and the unknown.
Since the matter is a lack of information, experience, then we fill in the gap. Let’s get acquainted at the level of theory with what scares. If this is the height, study the tall buildings where they rise for the sake of a beautiful view, or entertainment at the height. Find out what security measures are applied, ask about experienced impressions.
Fear also appears when a person separates himself from reality. Here I am, and here is something terrible. To fix the problem, you need to find in your fear what you are like, or make a piece of yourself
A theory without practice is dead. Now we get acquainted with fear at the level of sensations. To start small: climb low on the stairs and jump, then down the tree and climb down on your own, travel in a balloon, and then jump with a parachute.
Another approach. This is an inner confidence that everything will be fine with you everywhere. This may be a belief in a guardian angel, a talisman or self-hypnosis, the main thing is positive thinking, rather than focusing on negative scenarios.

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