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What documents are needed to travel abroad
Visa-free agreements have opened up a ton of travel opportunities. But again, the question remains: what documents are needed to travel abroad, how much money to prepare and what needs…

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How and where to travel by car: practical tips

Why is it good to travel by car? A huge number of pluses. You can plan the route yourself, make stops when it is convenient for you and take everything you need into the trunk. Shoulders are not burdened with a backpack, and hands with bags. Making a beautiful photo on the go is not a problem – just park in an acceptable place. On the way to the destination, you can stop in a colorful town and even get to know the locals and try a traditional dish.

As you can see, the pluses are just the sea. Of the minuses – sleep, shower and restrooms. Sleeping in a car is not very convenient, so you need to look for hostels or hotels. Restrooms can be found at gas stations or in roadside cafes, but you can only take a shower again at the hotel.

But this is all the little things compared to the fact that while traveling by car you will see much more than you thought. And beautiful landscapes and local color, perhaps, is one of the cases of primary importance for the tourist.

For traveling by car, the old woman Europe is most often chosen. Thousands of small towns and large policies are open to tourists, and the arrival of a visa-free regime has greatly simplified the trip.

What documents are needed to travel to Europe by car?
To cross the border by car, a Ukrainian driver will need:

Ukrainian driver’s license that meets international requirements and has a validity period.
On transport there should be identification and license plates of Ukraine. Individual numbers of the type: “Vasya” or “Pussycat” are valid only in Ukraine.
You need to have a document with you confirming that the car is insured.
You will also need a certificate of registration of the car.
Grab a technical passport for every fireman. They rarely ask him, but it may be needed.
What documents do I need to carry with me if the car is not yours? The owner of the machine must draw up a power of attorney for you – a document that confirms that you have the right to use this machine. The certificate of registration also needs to be issued in your own name.

What is required of the car? Yes, yes, not only you must prepare all the appropriate documents. Your car should also be ready to travel abroad.

Prepare it for a long trip. It is best to contact the service station, which has good recommendations. Let them check the health of all important vehicle systems. At a minimum, check the chassis and engine. To travel Europe safely by car, he must have a freshly inspected vehicle.

Remember where the first aid kit is and whether it is filled with everything you need. First of all, it may be useful to you yourself. Secondly, abroad you may be asked to show it.

They can also check for the presence of reflective beacons, a warning triangle, a fire extinguisher, and spare headlight bulbs. It is also better to grab a spare tire and a jack.

But what you can not take in a road trip to Europe is a spare canister with gasoline. Do not miss you and with a crack on the windshield. But for minor dents and scratches on the hood, bumper and other parts of the car at the border, all the same.

Your car will not be allowed to travel in Europe if it does not have insurance for the duration of the trip. They call it a Green Card, and you can buy it either in any insurance company or right at the border. If you are tormented by vague doubts about the acquisition of such a document at the border, then it is better to get it in advance.

If the car is taken by installments or a loan, then you need to go to the bank and apply for its permission to travel abroad.

How to make a trip by car comfortable
car trip in europe

Traveling abroad by car requires not only documentary and technical training. Take care of comfort. You will need to sit longer than usual, so the seat cover should not be parky and comfortable. You can grab airbags under the neck for passengers.

In addition, for road trips in Europe, consider:

Mount for the phone in the car and wireless headphones with a microphone for talking in hands-free mode.
Navigator on the phone. It is advisable immediately with downloaded offline maps. You can capture the good old paper cards by drawing a route on them.
Car phone charger or adapter for the same purpose.
Traveling around Europe by car begins with the passage of customs and border controls. If you don’t know which window to go to, read the signs, ask others like you or control workers.

You can travel around Europe by car from Ukraine when it’s convenient for you, but crossing the border is best on church holidays and Sunday. Then there is a chance to stand in line less. Speaking of queues. Pay attention to which one to get into not by the number of cars, but by license plates and signs. Cars of the EU and all other countries are often in different lines.

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What documents are needed to travel abroad
Visa-free agreements have opened up a ton of travel opportunities. But again, the question remains: what documents are needed to travel abroad, how much money to prepare and what needs…